#TogetherAgainstCorona: 7 Tips For Navigating The Infodemic

We do owe it a duty to douse any form of #FakeNews, here’s how to find your way on navigating the Infodemic, because the information is power!

1.Access the source: Who shared the information with you and where did they get it from

2. Go beyond headlines: headlines maybe be intentional sensational or provocative, take your time to read through.

3.Identify the author: search the author’s name online to see if they are real or credible

4.Check the date: Is it up to date and relevant to current events?

5.Examine the supportive evidence: Credible stories backup their claims with facts.

6.Check your biases: Think about whether your own biases could affect your judgment on what is or is not trustworthy.

7.Turn to fact-checker: Consult trusted fact-checking organizations such as International fact-checking networks and global news outlets focused on debunking misinformation like @ncdcgov @who, @cdcgov

Lastly, #StaySafe, because #TogetherAgainstCorona we’ll win.

Source: World Health Organisation
Cc: Search for Common Ground

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