EP 004: The Emancipation of A New Plateau -Part Two

In this Episode I had Mrs. Yonpan Dariem Abdullahi, who is a Social and Development worker, Deputy Head of Safe World Foundation, Project  Manager, Kingdom Kids Club Orphanage and a Toastmaster and Mr. Mathew Tegha, who is a well celebrated Media Strategist, Blogger, Publicist, Digital marketing consultant and a relentless personality, who has worked with Various brands in Nigeria and beyond.

Our guests described the Plateau as a beautiful, Unique and an integral part of Nigeria that breeds raw and amazing talents. They talked about how the youths on the Plateau are embracing Peace Irrespective of the ethnic and religious crisis going on in the state.

They also gave us highlighted how they are making use of their platforms in changing the narrative in their industries, how various civil societies are bringing about change and how entertainment has unified us as a people.

They both agree that the ordinary man on the street is infact responsible for the peace we hope to enjoy now and in the future.

2 thoughts on “EP 004: The Emancipation of A New Plateau -Part Two”

  1. Revealing it is.
    Thanks for taking this pain to enlighten the world about Jos plateau.

    You’re doing amazing thing, keep it up brother

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