The Emancipation of A New Plateau – Part Five

Mr. Theodore Longji is our guest on this week’s podcast. Theodore Longji grew from being a computer scientist into an entrepreneur which guided him to becoming the CEO Nhub, a technology innovation hub to push for the creation of an innovation technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in the north. 

Mr. Longji said that the Tech ecosystem on the plateau has really improved and he is proud that parents are now letting their children embrace their dreams. He believes that the government of the day and hubs in Plateau state have in a large way fostered and promoted culture and the building of a support system to enable entrepreneurs and tech enthusiast. 

Nhub according to him collaborate with hubs and various relevant individuals to expand and achieve a vibrant technical system as well as invite investors on the plateau from different parts of the world because the state is ready for investors.

He explained that the reason why people believe going out to Lagos is the best is because Lagos is where the market is. However he says Jos is a springboard where you get to build and cook yourself to be a better person and that entrepreneurs do not have to leave to mega cities.

There would be an event organized by his hub on Saturday 21st February 2020 to meet up and talk to entrepreneurs  about realizing and seizing opportunities, how to start up and so on. Various professionals will be brought in.

In his advice to entrepreneurs, he said it’s never too late to start something so reach out, learn something and dream big.

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