Plateau Imposes Development Tax on Citizens to Boost Revenue

The Plateau State Internally Revenue Service (PSIRS) has said that to meet its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) target of N5 billion monthly, all adults (from the ages of 18 and above) within the state would be mandated to pay a development tax fee of N300 per annum.

This was disclosed by the Chairman, Plateau State Internally Revenue Service (PSIRS), Mr. Dashe Arlat on Tuesday, the 21st of December, 2021 while speaking with journalists in his office. He said, the need for such fee was to realise between N3.5 to N5 billion IGR target, thus, the need for “everyone to come on board”.

He further stressed that banks and construction companies would pay the development taxes between N5,000 and N50,000, as efforts would be thoroughly intensified to collect the consumption tax from persons lodging and using the services of hotels and other accomodation outlets within the state.

Arlat, who gave a full fiscal breakdown of the IGR accrued to the state between January to November 2021, insisted that more efforts would be deployed to accrue more funds to the state in 2022.

“From January to November 2021, a total of N20,060,219,702.16 was received as IGR, based on our assessment, Plateau has the potential to get between N3.5 billion to N5 billion monthly as against our initial target of N2bn per month. This can be achieved if everyone comes on board”, Mr. Arlat.

He added that not having a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a criminal offence and would be treated as such in the state. He also said that residents of the state would be expected to have a tax clearance certificate, serving as a means to boost the independent revenue of the state.

There are lots of potentials in the multiple discriminant analysis (MDAs), they must make sure that things work fine. We will implement a consumption tax on hotels from 2022, we hope to double our revenue. Citizens should know that we all must pay tax, it must be voluntary because not filing tax returns attracts penalties of N50,000 for individuals and N500,000 for organisations”, Mr. Arlat added.

Mr. Arlat who also noted that hotels that are not duly registered with the Ministry of Tourism would be duly penalised as well as institutions of learning and hospitals that haven’t been registered with relevant ministries. He stated that proper registration of these places will help not only in tax collections but in the security of citizens hence, there will be increased enforcement and monitoring in the State.

He urged citizens to make use of relevant committees like whistle-blowing, harmonisation, and others which are available in the state to assist the service to track would be taxpayers because improved tax collection would ensure improved infrastructure and development.

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