Noble Icon Mix: The Secret Behind Lse (Longest Saturday Ever)

By NazyWrite

There’s a saying that is often overused but more than half the time is the truth, “behind every great man is a great woman” – in retrospect this saying does feel sexist sometimes, but the truth of it should not be lost – in the world of music, however, there’s a different saying that is 80% true, “the secret to every great song lies in the mix”.

When a piece of music is played, it’s beauty is received and a-times the men behind the scene are hardly seen so all praises goes to the artist for such a beautiful work of art forgetting the polishing given to make such a piece of fine China acceptable to the eye.

 For a lot of casual listeners, they might not really understand what the work of a mixing engineer is or even care to know what it entails, but we do and we want to introduce you to an amazing one.

His name, Noble Icon iMix (yes that’s Hwere Danjuma Francis)

LSE turned a lot of heads, some speculate maybe it was the power trio (Nazywrite, Giovanni & Dele), some say it was the laid back vibe of the whole project, some say it was the lyrics but one thing every one of those people can agree on is the fact that the audio engineering was and is impeccable.

He had been the engineer behind Longest Saturday Ever, bringing out the clarity of every bar, strength to every vocal, and rhythm to every beat.

He is and will always be the star that illuminates the skies to which every artist gaze upon.

Noble Icon is clearly not a new name in the music industry especially in the city of Jos, just a quick listen on the radio reveals that fact, you can’t miss the gentle yet commanding whisper of his signature on those hard slapping songs you never believe came from tin city musicians. He has been mixing and mastering for the better part of a decade and there’s clearly a wide gap between his work and those of his peers.

He has an impressive discography with artists such as Classiq, Giovanni, Nerat Chuwang, Malvina and a host of others. What makes him so special? What makes his masters slap so hard? What is unique about his mixing? Questions we are always left trying to deconstruct the answers but one thing we are sure off is this: his mixes are indeed noble, befitting of a King

Below are some of his magnificent works:

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