Merry Christmas from Joey Off-Air Podcast

Christmas is that time of the year we all beam with smiles, joy, happiness, epiphany and the peace that flows seamlessly like a river without obstruction to its tranquility. All these and more are done under the umbrella of family, friendship and fellowship.

Christmas has always been one of my favourite holidays. It gives me that opportunity to be amongst family and friends. Sharing old time jokes, reminiscing and counting the blessings from January till the end of the year.

Every year, like many Nigerians, my spirit is lifted once I hear “Jingle Bells” or any hymnal Christmas song. I love Christmas and all the joy it brings. Although, there has been apprehensions. Such beginning from the 1st of September, ushering in the “ember season” but, my confidence is always in, “If I don’t die before then, then I can’t that after that”, so I celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is never special or complete if you haven’t taken out time to visit incredible places in Jos, attend events that are well planned to meet your amusement and pleasure and if you haven’t met the need of a less privileged person around you. So, I urge you, spend Christmas and spend well, making someone within and outside your flock happy. Besides, the one whom we celebrate brought “joy to the world”, so do that for someone today. Bring joy to his/her world.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed new year.

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