Managing Covid-19 Infodemic & Fake News On Social Media

Managing Covid-19 Infodemic & Fake News On Social Media – Tweet Chat

Coronavirus is not the first pandemic in the history of this planet but it happens to be the first in the age of social media. An age were everyone that have access to the internet can publish any kind of content – authentic or fake.

Using social media for social good is the role of every one. In this interview with Job David Ayuba, the Founder of Tomruk iHub Multiverse and Social Media for Social Good Africa, we explored how we can improve the distribution of authentic information at the detriment of misinformation.

JOA: Mr Ayuba, we’ve worked with youths before, tell us, how has it been like working with Young people in the Social Media space?

JDA: I’ve worked with almost 100+ young people across several cities in Nigeria and together we’ve inspired and taught thousands how to use social media for social and economic benefits. The experience has been amazing!

JOA: You’ve hosted a lot of fireside chats and you’ve inspired young people to take conscious efforts on using Social Media for Social good, what’s your assessment of that?

JDA: To a large extent the conversations you find on the Jos social media space has become more intellectual and educative. We did beyond inspiring citizens to use social media for social good. We blurred the gaps between governments, private sector, academia and CSO’s especially in plateau state. We also created a platform for citizens to hold their leaders accountable.

JOA: How has the Social Media Space helped in peddling Fake News?

JDA: This is new to many, they are excited and using it in ways we’ve never imagined. It’s a tool for expression as a result it’s revealing who people really are.

JOA: What effort can we use to help curb the spread of Fake News?

JDA: Teach people to:

  1. Stop
  2. Reflect
  3. Verify
    Before sharing any information. We need to also make the spreading of fake news less profitable.

JOA: Let’s talk about Social Media regulation, does it help control Fake News & rumours?

JDA: It depends on who is regulating! For now, I’m advocating social media education.We blame social media many things. These things happen offline before they happen online. We must tackle it first from the roots (offline). Social media is who you are. The tool is neutral!

JOA: How then can we always Fact Check information before sharing both offline and Online?


JOA: What’s then the impact & Dangers of Infodemic & Fake News?

JDA: Well let me advise that good and credible institutions reach out to citizens before the peddlers of fake news do. It must be funded too.

JOA: How can we manage Misinformation and Fake News On Social Media?

JDA: By educating citizens relentlessly!

I’ll continue to advise that we use social media responsibly for social and economic benefits. Social media is not good or bad, it’s the user that is either good or bad!

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