JUST IN: Plateau state Government Releases Press Statement in Response to Paper by Nigerian Pilot


The attention of the Plateau State Government has been drawn to the editorial comment of NIGERIAN PILOT of Tuesday January 18, 2022 titled, “QUELLING THE RAGING FIRE ON THE PLATEAU.”

Invariably, the Plateau State Government would have ignored this, but for the sake of putting the records straight this response has been prompted due to the following reasons:The NIGERIAN PILOT has come a long way and is not known for sensationalism. It is also not known for publishing material that falls short of both the vision and mission of its founders, ethics and professionalism which we hold in high esteem.

However, this editorial comment has taken the government and people of Plateau State aback and we are left with more questions than answers as the NIGERIAN PILOT has by this singular act, demonstrated unprofessional Ian, sensionalim, mischief and yellow journalism.The editorial in question raises issues that have since been dispensed of, last year. Even then the issues so raised within the context of last year were debatable.

As we write this, it is on record that there is no such incident at the University of Jos presently and academic activities are going on smoothly. There is no such report in any of the myriads of the state or Federal tertiary institutions scattered all over the state.We as a state are almost certain that the Chairman of the University of Jos branch of ASUU, Lazarus Maigoro’s name is being dragged to the mud for having been quoted to have made a statement over a nonexistent issue purported to have happened two weeks ago even when students were on Christmas break


It is in the light of the above therefore that we call on the general public to discountenance the deliberate attempt by this editorial to malign the Government and put our dear state to disrepute and ridicule.

Plateau State remains one of the most peaceful and safest states in this country especially when one compares it to other states. Gone are the days when people abhorred coming to Plateau State.

Today when people come visiting Plateau State, they find it difficult to leave due to the hospitable nature of both the people and the serene environment.

As a state we implore developmental journalism, that which educates and builds society but not that which seeks to destroy this nation. We do not know the NIGERIAN PILOT this way, but in case that represents the philosophy on which the paper was founded, then it calls for worry.

While we cherish our cordial relationship with the newspaper, we hope it will take steps to remedy this unfortunate incident as we demand a retraction of the editorial and an unreserved apology to the people and Government of Plateau State.

Dan Manjang, anipr

Honourable Commissioner of Information and Communication,Plateau State.

Tuesday January 18, 2022.

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