I Haven’t Seen Selina Tested, But If Gangs of Jtown Inspired Them, I’m Glad – Christopher “Kriz” Okonkwo

Nicholas Cage had once said, “I think what makes people fascinating is conflict, it’s drama, it’s the human condition. Nobody wants to watch perfection”. This simply means, for every drama, both and the human condition would be present and how best do you present that? Through a well written script and the beauty that covers lights, action and camera.

Christopher “Kriz” Okonkwo is one man that understands drama, conflict and the human condition. Having been one of the finest movie directors, scriptwriters and formidable storytellers of this generation, he believes in the harmony of simplicity to drive home his points.

The multiple award-winning movie director has been on the go, directing and releasing movies such as The Confession, Where is Nana?, Love and Sacrifice and the recent addition to the fold titled “Inanity” which featured the Why Shall I Shy crooner, Mc Youngee.

Speaking with Joey Off-Air Podcast, Kriz (as he’s fondly called) explained that the movie Inanity was inspired by the word, “Insanity”.

The 6 minute short film tells a story of a young woman who kills everyone who disagrees with her on a works and wonders of “art”.

Explaining the psychology behind the film, Kriz said, “The psychology stems from a question, how do we know we are dead? What’s that reality like? Is it the same with this one? What if this present reality is just a figment of my imagination and the true me is dead or comatose?”

“So that a bit of what I did with this film, when you start, the world is normal but then we realize that it was all a stimulation and we aren’t even aware of what’s happening. I just wanted to explore a little bit of that in Nigeria because it can happen to us too, not just the westerners”.

He further added that the actors to which he created this with were all pros, giving him an edge in carving out such masterpiece. In regards to why most of his films make use of guns, he said there were no proper meanings or reasons to that effect.

However, he allegedly attributed it to his upbringing. “I really don’t know why, maybe it has something to do with my upbringing. I grew up in a chaotic environment so gunshots and guns were normal and it somehow made it into my films”, Kriz told Joey Off-Air Podcast.

Speaking in regards to the cloning effect and relativity of his first e-series, Gangs of Jtown and the renowned Selina Tested, he said, “I haven’t seen Selina Tested but if Gangs of Town somehow inspired them then I’m glad but I can also understand if they just seem similar, I mean, the realm of imagination is open to everyone, we all get the same stories but we tell them differently, no story is unique”.

The scriptwriter and director who served as the creative stage director for the recently premiered Tappers Drive by artists Dele, Giovanni, Jibrille and King Pablo, said that he considers a writing, directing and producing a stage play but in the interim he’s “lazy” to do so.

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