How Asa’s Experience at FGC Jos Shaped Her Life

The city of Jos has been the home for notable Nigerian entertainers, ranging from music to movies, showbiz, and even the sports world, there’s always a sprinkle of Jos in it. Either in residency or school, the home of peace of peace and tourism has been a home to all.

One of the most shocking revelations of artists who were part of the “offsprings” from Jos is no other than singer, songwriter and recording artist, Bukola Elemide popularly known by her stage moniker, Asa.

She made this shocking revelation in via an interview with TV host, Ebuka. While speaking at the Black Box Interview, she casually made mention of a dream which reminded her of her secondary school, Federal Government College (FGC) Jos.

Asa who had gained popularity from her 2007 debut album, Aṣa (Asha) has been one of the few recognised and appreciated songstresses from Nigeria with 4 studio albums to her discography and a “Comforter’s Song” feature by Jeremiah Gyang in 2009.

The singer, while talking with Ebuka shared how her experiences in FGC Jos shaped her life. She said that her beginning of consciousness began in 1993 and coming to FGC attributed to that – helping her change her perspective about life life, although it left her withdrawn.

She said, “My experience in FGC was like a Nazi camp. It was tough, cold, the food was scare, I had white scalp. I had hard cut lip. Jos was hard. Getting up at 5am to shower with cold water in the cold was a routine”.

She furthered added that as a result of her experience, she “purposely” refused to make a lot of friends because the students made it a “wicked” and terrible experience for her.

When asked if she did “try” to mingle as she revealed that she was a “star” back in FGC, she responded, “Throughout school, I always consciously won’t want to be seen. Not singing in highschool, just dancing at the social nights”

“I never had friends and never wanted to have friends, although I was everyone’s friend”, she added.

However, Asa had made a decision to do music while in FGC but had decided not to attempt it in FCG as a part of the things “not to do” on her list.

When asked about her relationship with boys and the concept encircling teenage fantasies and dating in secondary school, her response was, “The boys are harder. I always thought twas a ploy from the boys to deceive me. I never did trust the boys”.

The superstar also shared the story on how she was made to “steal” for a senior student who was her then “school mother” – a school maternity approach of senior students “guiding” junior students from prying eyes, eyes and harm.

Asa attributed some of her discipline to life and music to her 4 year stay in FGC. She said, “FGC shaped me in discipline, focus hence nothing amazes me. They also aided me in been humble; they would beat the ego out of you. Today, I can live anywhere in any condition”.

The songstress revealed that her brother was a classmate with musical duo group, Pete and Paul Okoye (also known as Psquare) but she had no relation with them then.

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