Episode 35: Who Owns the Rights to Made In Jos?

Episode 038: Tracy & Just Relax Reusable Menstrual Pads Joey Off-Air Podcast

The city of Jos, especially the Facebook community has been heated in the last days following the controversies around the bragging rights to who owns the rights to the tagline, “Made in Jos”.

Multiple factions have popped up, taking sides with either social media personality, Jerry Doubles, Fashionprenuer Yaargata Dach, or hold unto neutrality of things, watching to see how the next couple of days would unfold.

I had a chat with Yaargata Dach, a Fashionprenuer and convener to the Made in Jos for Just Fashion Show and also, Amama Benn Benedict, a mediaprenuer on my podcast.

Both had a lot to say, clearing the air to certain unchecked boxes and question marks hovering in the past days in regards to the bragging rights of who really owns the tagline to “Made in Jos”.

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