EP 011: Why Plateau State Can Emerge as The Next Silicon Valley in Africa

On this episode of Joey OffAir Podcast, we have Mr David Daser, the Director General of Plateau State Information and Communication Technology Development Agency (PICTDA) and a Story teller of Jos to the world.He defines Jos as People and a place of diversity and convergence of amazing people. As someone who is the government he said he had to learn and unlearn policies in order to effectively bring developers into Plateau in order to build the state.Technological wise, he believes that Jos has to rewire it’s system in order to succeed in making Jos a silicon village and they are trying to build a silicon Plateau that is tech and IT base that has policy, talent and market and with the journey so far, Jos is on the path of almost achieving this dream.Daser said that Jos has become an inspiration to other states in the country to work on developing their ICT. On policies, he said they are important and they have used them in different areas of the state such as the health and the private sector. Soon, the State will be built as a developing centre instead of talents leaving the land in search of greener land pasture.David Daser’s final thought is for people to always go up, aim for the best and never settle for little.

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