EP 005 : The Emancipation of a new plateau – part three

Hello and welcome to week one of my February edition of ”The Emancipation of A New Plateau – Part One ”.Welcome to a new month, February that is, it’s been great so far, so ensure you share some love this month!So far, I’ve had a lot of conversations around the entertainment , tourism and peace.This week, I’m having a professional in the Business sphere, but before  I let him on the mic.

Here’s a little about him I’ve gathered:Viktor Kuchili is an author, business and human development consultant…He’s  been involved in human and resource development through his companies ( Choice concept Network and Viktor Roads consulting)An author of 12 books(cutting across leadership, business and personal development)  trainer  coach and mentor to many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.He’s a coach ,trainer and mentor with the German technical corporation GIZ, a faculty member of Jos Business School and a Fellow and Faculty member of the chartered Institute of Human Capital Development of Nigeria. He’s  spent over 10 years encouraging people on productive living on his program stepping out on Peace 90.5FM (PRTVC), He is a lover and investor in development work.Please so listen to what he has to say about the”’The Emancipation of A New Plateau”

4 thoughts on “EP 005 : The Emancipation of a new plateau – part three”

  1. Start well and be consistent..and don’t be afraid to start something new , well what I got to understand in the plateau is there are some things that are related to this environment (market) not looking forward and outside plateau because there is a big market out there..for all to try something new and be consistent.. borrowing from Victor’s thoughts …

  2. Great insights from the guest about entrepreneurship and the business environment on the Plateau. Looking forward to his book on marketing that is coming out soon. As always, keep it up @joeyoffair

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