#CovidCast: The Impact of Covid-19 on National Security and Economic Realities

AIESEC: A Youth Leadership Movement Joey Off-Air Podcast

Alot of people most have read or heard about student support groups in Universities and this is not an exception. In this episode, I sat with the executives & representatives of AIESEC to talk about what we need to know about them and how they've been helping students to be employable and ready for the future of work.  Join us as we also talk about the Career Fair which is coming soon at the University of Jos. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/joey-off-air-podcast/message

The pandemic worsens the global economy, especially with the lockdown, even though some entrepreneurs used digital marketing to scale, most of them were unable due to the structure of their business.

This affected food security and the rate of hunger increased. The World Bank projected that five million Nigerians would be pushed into poverty due to COVID 19.

Amidst many challenges the came with the COVID-19 pandemic, this episode will spotlight the impact on national security and the economy

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