COVID-19:The Way Forward in Ensuring Safety for All

It’s true that no individual or institution was ready for the outbreak of the Coronavirus, but it’s here today! All we need to do is, stay healthy and ensure that we mitigate the spread of the virus and misinformation.

In one of our #TogetherAgaintCorona webinar series, I was joined by other stakeholders and experts to discuss the way forward as regards ensuring healthy living and avoiding the infodemic.

Abang Dove, the SA to the Delta state governor on new media, affirmed that the government is ensuring that their citizens are healthy and as well have access to accurate information as regards the virus. Even though rumors will always be there but people should go the extra mile to fact check information before sharing or believing.

In his opinion, the Founder of Slum & Rural Health Initiative, Dr. Isaac Olufadewa reiterated the need for individuals to take responsibility for their health, no amount of rumor spread will outdo the fact that COVID-19 is out there and anyone can be infected by the virus. With a focus on his area of interest (slum & rural communities), Dr. Olufadewa lamented the poor level of education as regards the virus due to their inability to access the media for accurate information.

He also emphasized that collaboration between CSOs and Government will play a huge role in mitigating misinformation, especially when the guidelines are translated into local languages for easy accessibility to those in rural communities. People can only take the right action when they have access to the right information.

Tosin Paul in his separate remarks encouraged that COVID-19 guidelines should be adhered to.

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