CONTROVERSY: Who Owns “Made In Jos”? Jerry Doubles or Yaargata Dach?

Monday, 4th January, 2022 had the Jos Facebook Community talking. There were so much to discuss but the spotlight was on one particular topic, “Who Owns Made In Jos”?

Made in Jos has been one of the most controversial issues because the tagline, “Made in Jos” which is meant for products and services created or rather generated by persons resident in the state has seen to person or persons wanting sole proprietorship of the tagline.

There has in the past months been tremendous growth in the Jos entrepreneurship and innovators cycle, as individuals such as Jerry Mallo, Zang Luka and a host of other great persons have flown the flag high to the sky, carving out their niches and letting us know that their products were “made in Jos”, but now what seems to be the cause of this controversy?

The Made in Jos beef (or rather sole ownership) was sparked as a result of a post made by one Feargod Suprim Chuxx, a part of the organisers for the “Made in Jos” for Just fashion show allegedly hosted by fashion designer, Yaargata Dach.

Chuxx had made mention to recieving a call from a said individual and he had threatened to sue the event organisers as he was the owner of the tagline, having to have registered it with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The alleged caller was believed to be the popular “public figure”, Jerry Doubles. Doubles, who until the time of this report is yet to make claims or statement in regards the allegations levelled on him. Ms. Dach on the other hand, is yet to issue a full statement on the subject matter, although her social media page has been active.

Many influencers within the state have come out to either support or condemn the claims by Doubles. So, the big question still remains, Who Owns The Made In Jos brand? Are there persons with the supreme power to dictate what happens or not? Are there now unknown “godfathers” with the privileges of the state? Or do we expect a response soon?

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