Comedian, Edache Kings Ushers in Street Cruise

Stand-up comedian, skit creator and “black Benue boy from Jos” Edache Kings has ushered in online entertainment plug – Street Cruise.

The comedian in a talk with Joey Off-Air Podcast said that the reason for Street Cruise was to create a sense of fun on the street and with the street.

“Street Cruise is an online entertainment plug. We go on the street to give people tasks to do and see if the can do it. For example turning football at strangers to see if the can do the task given to them or play a music to see if the can dance to it”, he told Joey Off-Air Podcast.

“Basically it’s just having fun on the street or with the street”, he added.

Edache Kings also said that there’d be more to what is been expected as there’d be campus and market street cruise and also, pranks.

The comedian said persons should expect “mad content” as a lot of crazy entertainment would give dished from his desk.

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