Chief Kefas "Kefiano" Ropshik Declares Intention to Run for Plateau Gubernatorial Seat

Chief Kefas “Kefiano” Ropshik Declares Intention to Run for Plateau Gubernatorial Seat

Chief Kefas Kefiano Ropshik has declared his intention to run for the Plateau state gubernatorial seat.

The serial entrepreneur declares his intention on Tuesday during a media briefing at the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) complex in Jos.

Popularly known as Kefiano, the PDP gubernatorial aspirant said his administration will focus on wealth creation, insecurity, and community engagement.

“We have neglected our traditional institution, which is supposed to be the number one foundation for information collection as far as security is concerned. Most of the people that cause havoc in areas of insecurity are foreigners and these areas are under the care of the local leaders. We need to get the data of people staying in an environment so we know who comes in and who goes out. We are going to start engagement with traditional institution working with the security agencies, engage the youths in community policing to protect their environment and have a sense of belonging to their society,” he said.

Kefas Wungak Ropshik

When challenged about rumors that he is being funded by the current administration, he flatly denied them, stating firmly that he is solely responsible for his campaign and has no outside support.

When his past business dealings with the present administration and possible grudges he might still harbor. He said “I don’t have any anger with anybody, if you want to lead the affairs of Plateau State and you come with anger, you have already failed. I have never insulted this government anywhere and you the investigative journalists can do your research.

“Plateau State is not a civil servant state”

he lamented. He emphasized the significance of developing other industries such as agriculture, tourism, the entertainment industry, and sports.

He believes that instead of focusing on white-collar employment and political office holders, youths should engage in entrepreneurship to better themselves.

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