Chief Kefas 'Kefiano' Ropshik Appreciates Plateau's Love for 2023 but the Vision Was Cut off by Godfatherism

Chief Kefas ‘Kefiano’ Ropshik Appreciates Plateau’s Love for 2023 but the Vision Was Cut off by Godfatherism

Captain of the Plateau First, Chief Kefas ‘Kefiano’ Ropshik of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) thanks Plateau State residents for their support throughout his governorship campaign.

Despite the short notice, Chief Kefas exercised his constitutional right to run for Governor of Plateau, where he was defeated in the Primary by Barr. Caleb Mutfwang received 252 votes, while he received 113 votes in second place.

According to Chief Kefas:

I Have a big heart and a big dream for Plateau and I know that there are other people that have the same, my prayer is for God to identify people that have my heart and my mindset to move plateau forward. whatever happened, I take it in good faith and appreciate God, I want God to use me to give hope to people that don’t have hope”

Kefiano Wungkak Ropshik

Also on his Social Media Post, he wrote:

Thank you Plateau State, despite all your efforts, this is a collective Vision with those with like minds to think about #PlateauFirst. With the collective vision to rescue the plateau through the use of our vast resources thereby turning them into wealth Creation for the teeming populace, the vision was cut off by Godfatherism. To everyone that has supported me in their best capacity, thank you.

Kefiano Wungkak Ropshik

Chief Kefas sincerely appreciate people that genuinely voted and work with him during the contest. He Prays That God should give Barr. Mutfwang had a large heart to accommodate the good people of Plateau, and for him to equally serve plateau rights.

He furthermore added that “Governance is all about creating impact and leaving a legacy”

He also prays for PDP to succeed in the forthcoming elections.

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