Celebrating The Man From The Future

13th June, 2020.


Written by Saint Charles Emmanuel

In the valley of decision was I, when the idea of African Student Leadership Summit  also known as leadership incubation came to fore while in my isolation plane (not Covid-19 though, smiles….) in 2018.

After I summoned my friend Joey with some colleagues, to see how the idea could be birthed into reality, my search for who could see through my imagination, the skeletal structure of the conference and other nonconventional ideas became cumbersome.

I surfed the internet for 2 (two) days before I saw written on a flier was a leadership Breakfast Meeting with Samuel Danata Kyershiki (SDK). Perhaps as Paulo Coelho said in Alchemist that “When you desirously want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” However, I had earlier spoken to a speech instructor who told me of SDK and gave me a contact number of his staff, though it didn’t pull through. So, I would say I already had the knowledge of SDK.

The force of attraction to meet this man from the future who I never knew would be in the programe was unexplainable, as I was in the venue of the programe even before the organizers.

His 3 (three) minutes contribution to the topic of the leadership meeting resonated with my imagination and belief system. Needless to wait for confirmation to know I’ve seen the man who could see through my unconventional reasoning pattern.

Immediately the programe was concluded, there I was before Victor Prince Dickson,… “Good day sir, my name is…………….. I have a conference for African Student Leaders…., and I would need your thought on it and some other ideas with” “Okay!! He replied. Take my card and let’s talk more next week at the office” then I left to meet the host who later was the key note speaker at our first Leadership Incubation Conference at University of Jos.

Sitting before this Man from The Future, on the 6th day of Sept, 2018 in his office atEl-spce Media Ltd., I wished the universe had brought him my way earlier. But still I was glad nature brought the programe so I could meet Victor Prince Dickson. He is the Man from the Future. Ask me what was taught in that programe, my answer would be Victor Prince Dickson. This strikes a chord for the need to be totally consumed with the desire to achieve your goal, by turning blind to every other thing, so long it is a right course towards humanity.

Let me educate you a little about Victor Prince Dickson because you can only know all his fullness by coming close to him or you just Google him on the Authors den.

Victor Prince Dickson is the modern day Leonardo da Vinci unarguably. He is the prototypical creative brain of our time without mincing words. Victor’s superfluity of conceptions, brainchildren and disruptive innovations across sectors and industries is proof of a Man from the future, who constantly learns, unlearns and re-learns by revitalizing the cycle of his thoughts, habits, actions, perspectives, words, skill sets, values, character, emotions and ideology.

I have watched closely and realized he practices what he preaches. He is a pedant for ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’. “If you know better, then do better” is his stance. I am yet to meet a man as strategic and also an ardent believer of the universal principles and laws as Victor; because his qualities are rare to come by in today’s world where most individuals are just fixated on their economic situation to the detriment of leaving positive legacies on the sands of time.

Do you want an idea or concept from any field to be demystified? Then you would need to sit with Victor.  As a global competitor, verified by the stable churn of products, services, solutions and disruptive innovations he’s regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the world.

Let me educate you a little more of this man from the future, Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of  Kommon Sense, Founder ofMicro Reality Thinking Academy. He is the leading proponent of Organic Intelligence and Master of the Knowledge Economy from Nigeria.

Victor is a nonconventional authorwhose thoughts in his books provokes, fines, defines, redefines, educates, invigorates, creates, innovate, stimulates, inoculate one with the will power to hate ignorance and poverty, filter one’s belief system, reposition one’s business for global success, educate one’s imagination among many others. Few of his books include –Thinking Field (Trilogy), Anatomy of Entrepreneurship, Anatomy of the Mind, Emotional Cloning. Other books in view include:, Mastering the Knowledge Economy, Divine Civilization, Interview with the Devil, the Art of Silence, Mastering Innovation.

Characterized with Productivity, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence, Victor

is the creator of various Thinking and Innovations tools/models/maps, namely: 60 SECONDS, SPANIS WEB, ACTs Ribbon, A.N.T.S, GENESIS, SOVI Law, V-Emometer, Innovation Crib Sheet, JACOBIAN CODE 1 and 2, to mention but a few.

Victor Prince Dickson is the Programe Designer of Xpelloel, Face of Genius (FOG), E-PAD, Yellow Hat Project, and Creator: National Cake, Gallant Soccer and the disruptive compass for the Fourth Economy known as The Future Quadrant (TFQ) Series. He is the Ambassador and Country Representative of World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW)

Victor Prince Dickson is a Publisher, Scriptwriter, Film Director, Television Producer, Trainer, Teacher and Media/Management Consultant. Prince is also the Executive Director, El-spice Media Limited. Victor has a high intolerance for mediocrity in all its ramifications that is why he utilizes a global-first mind-set and approach in all his creations, inventions and innovations.Victor has attained the Ranking status of 8D Human-Asset. He is most regarded as a Solutionist, Skilled Simulator and a Master of the Knowledge Economy. Check him on Authors Den.

His consultancy services span across industries. He has consulted for national and international organizations, one of which is GIZ. He is a mentor with Tony Elumelu Foundation

In my conclusion of this man from the future, I would say he is not different as he has the same human like you and I. So don’t think anything is wrong with the melanin on your skin as an African. You are deficient in thinking and innovation only because subliminally you have been informed negatively and superficially schooled in and from the past, hence, finding your footing in the present is a problem; talk more of having a grip of the future. It is evidenced in the movie scripts, television and radio programs you watch and listen to. You are not in lack because you are black!! You only need to think from the future. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

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