Bashir Sheidu Appointed as Chief Operations Officer for nHub Nigeria and Foundation

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nHub Nigeria in a ploy to serve better restructed its management structure, pushing up Bashir Sheidu to Chief Operations Officer (COO) for both nHub Nigeria and nHub Foundation.

The announcement which was given in a press statement signed by the Chief Executive Officer, Theodore Longji indicated that former Chief Financial Officer of nHub Foundation, Mr. Eric Nanle will take over as Executive Director of nHub Foundation while Bashir Sheidu would become the COO of both the hub and the foundation. This was to effect immediately as a means of transformation and continuous improvement of the organisation.

In a chat with Joey Off-Air Podcast, Bashir Sheidu said that part of the decision was to build back and better nHub Nigeria which has been struggling in the areas of capacity building, outdated models, business strategies and financial stability.

“Part of the decision was to build back and better nHub Nigeria as you know had been struggling expecially in areas of capacity building, outdated models and business strategies and financial stability – the chairman and the board of directors saw it fit for me to vacate the position of the executive director and take up the position of COO cheif Operations Officer of both nHub Nigeria and Foundation”, Sheidu said.

Bashir Sheidu which had started as a social media manager for nHub Nigeria rose to the ranks of Community Manager and then, Executive Director of nHub Foundation in 2019 said that he had worked closely with key stakeholders and during the time he served as Executive Director, he was able to implement impact projects and effective management and thus, would apply the same strategy as COO of both the hub and foundation to seeing that nHub returns to her true position in the value chain of the tech ecosystem in Northern Nigeria.

He added that one of the secrets of running a successful company was having the right team, a well plotted structure and a perfect strategy which he had built over time and is serving as a fair advantage, hence, there wouldn’t be much challenges in his office as the calibre of talents are proven effective and efficient. Spotlighting his mandate for office which would serve as his modus operandi, Mr. Bashir Sheidu said that the slogan is to “Build Back BETTER”.

“The slogan is to Build Back BETTER which I believe all the key staff in both organisation are already keying in. We will be upgrading some positions especially in training, incubation, partnerships and business segments”, he said.

He added that more trainings will be introduced and most of the services will be improved as programmes will be introduced and more emerging technologies will also be introduced, hence, staff without perquisites expertise will giving opportunity to upskill or will be let go.

“nHub is bigger than everyone of us and we need to take her to her former glory. We already looking at other talents just incase we don’t get the response from our current team in nHub Nigeria but we intend to give opportunity to them”, Sheidu said.

In response to the question as to whether or not individuals can apply, Sheidu said that they’re looking at the models and would make appropriate changes if the need be.

Speaking on the services that’d be introduced, Sheidu said that they would be the training models, customer relations, product development, proper feedback mechanisms, accountability and transparency, customer retention and acquisition strategies.

Reminiscing on his days serving as the Executive Director of nHub Foundation, he highlighted the big wins and challenges he had faced. He said, “Having the foundation registered, training our first set of ladies in the foundation doing amazingly well in the ecosystem was one of my happiest moments thanks to the team”.

“The challenging part was leaving a for profit organisation and heading nonprofit was actually challenging I knew I needed to learn fast and build my capacity as fast as I can and also getting the right team that will key into the vision and mission of the foundation was the crazy part who wants to work for free? Very few young Nigerians but I was able to get those talents and the rest is history”.

nHub Foundation in its uniqueness serves as one of the nonprofit organizations in Northern Nigeria. It served as the birth place for nHub Nigeria, serving as a drive for social impact to help fasten digital inclusion and literacy in rural area modelled around the digital economy policies of the federal government of Nigeria.

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