EP 010: All You Need To Know About TEDxUniJos

TEDx Event is an exciting talk event which presents its ‘TEDxUnijos”. The event is scheduled to hold between the hours of 9am and 3pm at the A1 Hall Bauchi Road Main Campus, University of Jos.

The event themed “Once Upon a Generation” seeks to answer some questions : Where are we coming from? Where are we now? What are the features and problems of where we are now? Where do we want to go to? How do we get there?

TEDxUnijos will feature 10 speakers which are spread across staff, students and alumni of the University as well as change makers in and from Jos, Nigeria. The event promises to be highly thematic and mind boggling. Find below a list of 9 speakers and their respective topics.

1. Roots and Fruits – Then and now – Dr. Jimam Lar

2. Navigating an Ever-Evolving World -David Daser

3. Creating our own Lingua -Dr. Nancy King

4. The Shift to Greenovation -Promise Salawu

5. We Were Once ONE -Oluwatosin Olabode

6. Art Of Hustling- Rinmicit Temlong

7. Creative Approaches to Change – Lengdung Tungchamma

8. The Non-Exclusive Age Wuni Bitrus

9. Rising above IT (Intolerance) – Salis Mohammed

10. The Future Untold Generation Alpha- Pyemwa Samantha Deshi

Interspersed with these talks will be performances from the budding art community in Jos. Registration for TEDxUnijos is ongoing at https://forms.gle/NQ4xBwdbkxg8b5MY9 Hurry now as there are only limited seats available. .

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