With Joey & Theodora

A Weekly Podcast for Jos!

Welcome to where we talk life style, tourism, culture, music and how to live the good life, We get very crazy with ideas on how Jos, Plateau State should be!

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The Story Behind Joey Off-Air Podcast

Joey Shekwonuzhibo has been a broadcaster since 2016  Wayback from his University days with the passion for New Media, in a bid for pushing a positive narrative about the coldest city in Nigeria. The Podcast creates a sit for burden fellow broadcasters and new media enthusiasts to come to sit and talk about topical issues in Jos and the world at large. 

Latest Episode

Opposite South 930101 Jos Plateau NG, Rayfield Road, Steel Rolling Mill Road, Jos

What Happened to Our Nightlife in Jos?

In this episode, I & Theodora talked about major concerns on how the nightlife is affected by seasonal curfews from commercial tricycles to the state of our security. 

Meet Your Hosts

I use online tools to slove offline problems, if you don’t see me at work, I’m home, solving a problem or the other. I cool off with good music and a cold drink. I can be very ambitious and highly motivated when it comes to saving earth’s problems. 

I’ve been a broadcaster since 2016, trust me I’m good with the mic and I understand good music. I love my City and I can do anything for Jaytown!

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